The first step is to get real about where you are starting.

Alex Alexander, Founder of The Eternal Hostess

Hi. I'm Alex.

I built the support system I was desperate for as a kid.

It consists almost entirely out of friends who are now my family.

I can proudly say that I am a 30-something who feels more supported than I ever have in my life.

The story I am about to tell you is likely very familiar -- we have childhood friends, we make college friends, and then we start #adulting and suddenly friendships + community fall to the backburner.

I refuse to accept this story.

It's vital to reflect on your friendships + family + community and how supported you feel by each individual. Why aren't we actively reflecting on our community goals like we do for our career goals, health goals, or partner goals?

Another piece of the puzzle -- THE WAY WE GATHER MATTERS.

Raise your hand if you feel like you have "too many invites/meetings/gatherings" you dread going to. No wonder the the "stay-at-home" culture is trending.

I get it. I love a good night in too, but instead of declining every invitation, what if gatherings were planned to be meaningful instead of impressive? What if they made you FEEL something? What if they had a clear purpose and intention?

I'm over the same cookie-cutter parties too. So around here, we are completely overhauling get-togethers

Radical Self Care requires COMMUNITY CARE. Who you surround yourself with and how you create meaningful experiences with them matters.


Put pen to paper and make a list of all "your people."
Awareness about who is in your life allows you to take control of your relationships.
I know this sounds unromantic, but it works.

I've got a full breakdown on the HOW + WHY for you.

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