Hello Hello! Welcome to the The Eternal Hostess. My name is Alex.

As the name suggests, I speak quite a bit about entertaining. However, if you are looking for perfectly set tables or “Pinterest-worthy” parties, you won't find that here.

I am all about simple, nourishing meals that serve a greater purpose -
focusing on time with your loved ones.

I focus on recipes meant to easily feed a crowd. I post individual recipes, but also real menus that I have made and an explanation of the easiest way to prepare that meal. My hope is that these step-by-step many instructions take the stress away from having guests over. 

You will also find quite a bit about friendship and the concept of chosen family. I grew up as the older sister to two much-younger siblings. My mother passed away when I was 13. Growing up in a single-parent home from that point on, I didn’t have as much consistency or support and found that my friendships could be my support system. 

A chosen family has no “guarantee.” There are no holiday’s that mean you’ll see someone once a year. There is no blind loyalty telling me I have to call on a birthday.

A chosen family takes consistency, trust and effort. I spend quite a bit of time considering how to ensure this chosen family of mine knows how important they are to me and work hard for there to always be reasons for us to gather.

Whether you cook or not, I am a firm believer that inviting people into your home leads to deeper conversations and stronger friendships. I hope I can help you break down any excuses you have about Being at home makes someone more at ease, removes any time restrictions, and removes all concerns of being overheard when having those deeper conversations. If you are so inclined to cook, then do it. If not… takeout is equally as good. What matters is that you are taking time with the ones you love.

Thanks for being here, friends.

P.S. I like to say deep things sometimes, it's kind of my thing. You'll find more of that here.

Mom, The Original Hostess
Growing Up

P.P.S Hoping to partner? 

Be it sponsored posts, recipe development, or food blog photography, I work with a variety of clients to suit their needs. For more information and to get in touch, email alex [at] eternalhostess.com, or visit my contact page.

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Thanks for stopping by!

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