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by Alex
Alex Alexander Events | Seattle Wedding Planner
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Welcome Friends, 

If you have made it here, I am assuming that you either received my name from a mutual friend (or past client — same thing) or have found me via a published wedding. Thanks for stopping by! 

I am taking an extremely limited number of weddings a year these days. In fact, I was recently called the “Speakeasy of Wedding Planners” because I haven’t made it easy for you to find me. However, you are here! Take a look at my brief note, fill out my interest form, and then I will send you access to my private portfolio and packages. 

Why less weddings? I want to make sure that I am able to put every ounce of brainpower and attention that each wedding deserves. 

See, I treat each wedding as if it is my sisters or my best friend’s. I am whole-heartedly involved in not only making this the best experience for you, but also for your family and your loved-ones and when I say “experience” I am not just talking about the wedding day. I want you to look back and remember how fun the entire planning process fun, stress-free and memorable. 

I LOVE the months leading up to your wedding. All those planning meetings, time spent with you two as a couple and your families.

The more time I spend with you and yours making this a memorable experience in the months leading up to your wedding, the more exciting your wedding day is to me. 

I love walking into a room on your wedding day and needing to take a second to appreciate that we have spent months working on this. That you are going to have the BEST day and that I am going to do everything in my power to pull off a flawless day for you. 

That is my WHY. 

You’re here on The Eternal Hostess site, where I am showcasing the love and attention that I put into each gathering I host in my own home. I believe whole-heartedly that it is more important to have everyone in the room than it is to have that room be picture perfect. If you are looking for more examples of my work before reaching out so I can send you my portfolio + packages, you can find all the places I have been published here. 

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