Everyday actions that create fulfilling friendships + community.


Discover ways to fold friendship into your day-to-day without adding extra stress. If you feel like it, take this a step further and connect those friends into a strong community. Or don't, no #friendshame around here.

All that matters is that you feel supported each and every day.

Alex here

I've been helping peolple gather for 10+ years now. I have always loved gathering people in the same room. However, for many that causes stress. Let's get rid of that.

Why are we gathering?

How exactly do I pull this off without the stress or headache?
What about "what I am supposed to do?"

Now that you know the point of the gathering and how exactly do do it, send the invite, get together and soak it all in.


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The Latest ---- COMMUNITY

Founder and CEO


Alex has pulled back the curtain on how she entertains, connects with her loved ones and prioritizes community. Prior to starting The Eternal Hostess, Alex was an award-winning and nationally published wedding planner who loved entertaining for crowds of up to 800 people. All the same principles apply at home though -- the most important part of entertaining are the people in the room.


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