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We set a lot of goals.

Career Goals. Life Goals. Health Goals. Relationship Goals. Parenting Goals.

But do you set any goals around your community?
Your friendships?
Your people?
How supported you want to feel?

....Probably not.

What would you even write down?

I am here to fix that.

Awareness is the secret to a better community.

Understanding what kinds of friends you are craving.
Accepting that not every friendship needs to a close friendship.
Appreciating how people are showing up for you.
Getting clear on how you show up best for others (to avoid burnout).

But how?

Hi. I'm Alex

This idea changed my life, maybe it will change yours too -

Community and friendship are necessities for our overall well-being and growth.

Do you consider friendships + community to be a "luxury"?
I consider them to be essential.

You can have all the support you want.

You are worthy of it.

You just have to work for it.

Ready for some quick wins?


Make a List of Your People

Who are your people? Can you tell me right now? Every last one of them. Probably not. WRITE A LIST. Take away the mental chore of remembering those you don't see often enough, but wish you stayed in touch with.

Take it a step further. I have a whole process for this piece of reflection.


Get clear on how you show up best.

Showing up for other people - or offering help - is a foundation of community. Showing up is a balance of providing help that the other person truly needs, but also in a way that we can offer without burning out.

Take a moment to reflect on what ways you enjoy showing up for others. For me that is cooking, but for you that might be listening, running an errand, technology help, and the list goes on and on. Consider how you don't show up best.


Time to make an invite.

Making an invite is vulnerable. This can be an invite for anything big or small. A catch up call, a walk, a dinner date, a party.

Make a commitment to yourself that you'll make one invite by the end of the week.

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